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Data Transparency

Continuously uncover ingested data and Gen AI components


Enforce emerging AI regulations on Gen AI apps and restricted data


Use business-aware policy guardrails to secure data in Gen AI apps

Introducing Daxa,
the data-first platform for Gen AI governance and security

Conquer your Gen AI chaos

Complete visibility of Gen AI components

Rapid pace of Gen AI innovation requires complete visibility of AI-enabled applications spanning deployment approaches, data sources and development environments. Continuously discover the ingested data and Gen AI components in the entire cloud estate. Track linkages between Gen AI components to trace the source of ingested data.

Unleash your policy shield

Business-aware policy guardrails

Simplify policy definition along industry verticals, safety, toxicity, advice, bias and more. Enforce policy guardrails on the data ingested, used for training or generated in Gen AI app responses. Send alerts on violations such as company confidential information flowing through the apps or non-compliance with Gen AI regulations. Alerts are sent to specific departments, entities or applications, reducing the administrative overhead associated with assigning owners to the tickets.

Turbocharge your developers to build worry-free apps

Compliance and security for emerging Gen AI regulations

Organizations struggle to keep pace with emerging Gen AI regulations such as the EU AI Act. Perform automated compliance checks to shorten time-to-production. Standardize on pre-production testing practices to ensure model compliance to organizational standards before code commit. Enable developers to meet compliance and security requirements by adding a few lines of code. Leverage integrations with Slack and Jira to expedite remediations. Onboard the solution in minutes locally or on cloud.


Build Trusted Gen AI Apps


Single pane of glass view of Gen AI components and ingested data
Business-aware alerts on policy guardrails
Identify data leakage and poisoning issues promptly
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For Data Governance

Identify compliance gaps in regulated data and upcoming AI regulations
Privacy-first architecture to ensure data never leaves the customer cloud
Protect intellectual property with custom classifications
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Enable developers to innovate rapidly with Gen AI technologies and frameworks
Effortlessly meet compliance and security requirements to accelerate deployment
Avoid reputation damage from data leakage through Gen AI apps
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Use Cases

Unleash your Gen AI apps with confidence

Gen AI regulatory compliance

With data coming in from all directions, secure Gen AI apps and restricted data to comply with current AI regulations such as the EU AI Act as well as the emerging ones. Reduce administrative overhead with custom policy guardrails at the organization or department-level.

Protect your confidential information

Define predefined topics and custom classifications to uncover confidential information and restricted data in Gen AI apps. Protect your information by tracing back to the source of data poisoning and eliminating the root cause.

AI Security Posture Management

Restrict your Gen AI apps to certain models, versions and where the data is being ingested from to contain the security exposure. Track linkages between Gen AI components such as models, frameworks, agents, datastores and endpoints to identify the root cause of data poisoning.

Trusted by security industry leaders

"Daxa secures your Gen AI deployments with a relentless focus on complete visibility and data governance"

Rohit Ghai

CEO, RSA Security

“The products like Daxa are raising the bar on what can be done with Gen AI while still keeping your data secure and in compliance”

Kaushik Narayan

ex-CTO, Cloud, Cisco and McAfee

“Daxa enables organizations to adopt Gen AI without worrying about their sensitive data getting leaked out to unauthorized users”

Melham (Mel) Shakir

ex-SVP, Securonix

"Daxa delivers a single pane of glass view of multi-cloud Gen AI deployments with business-aware policy guardrails”

Leah McLean

VP, Cybersecurity, Mastercard

"Combining patient health data with Gen AI models and frameworks can be fraught with data leakage risks. Daxa offers advanced visibility and governance solutions to ensure peace of mind”

Siva Somayajula

Chief Technology Officer, Alivecor

Accelerate your Gen AI regulatory compliance

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