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Daxa enables you to create Gen AI apps with data transparency, compliance and security. Powered by innovative graph and machine learning technologies, the platform enables organizations to quickly and effortlessly deploy RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) frameworks and fine-tuned LLMs without worrying about the safety of their restricted data.

Daxa offers complete visibility of Gen AI components by continuously tracking the LLMs, frameworks, agents, datastores and endpoints in a multi-cloud environment. Powered by predefined topics and custom classifications, the platform uncovers confidential information and restricted data in Gen AI prompts, responses and training data. The business-aware policy guardrails generate alerts on restricted and regulated data violations. Rest assured, the confidential information always stays within the organization's cloud.

Daxa: Build trusted Gen AI applications

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Builtfor Data Privacy and Compliance

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Use Cases

Gen AI compliance

Comply with current and emerging Gen AI regulations such as the EU AI Act. Reduce administrative overhead with custom policy guardrails at the organization or department-level. Policies travel with applications to ensure restricted data stays in compliance at all times.
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Confidential information protection

Define custom phrases and terms to classify data beyond the traditional regulated data. Protect your intellectual property with privacy-first data x-ray to uncover restricted data in LLM prompts, context, responses and data lineage.
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AI security posture management

Organizations cannot protect what they cannot see. Continuously discover LLMs, frameworks, datastores and endpoints spanning deployment approaches, data sources and development environments. Track linkages between them on a live risk graph. Prevent data leakages through complete visibility and control.
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Trusted by security industry leaders

"Daxa secures your Gen AI deployments with a relentless focus on complete visibility and data governance"

Rohit Ghai

CEO, RSA Security

“The products like Daxa are raising the bar on what can be done with Gen AI while still keeping your data secure and in compliance”

Kaushik Narayan

ex-CTO, Cloud, Cisco and McAfee

“Daxa enables organizations to adopt Gen AI without worrying about their sensitive data getting leaked out to unauthorized users”

Melham (Mel) Shakir

ex-SVP, Securonix

"Daxa delivers a single pane of glass view of multi-cloud Gen AI deployments with business-aware policy guardrails”

Leah McLean

VP, Cybersecurity, Mastercard

"Combining patient health data with Gen AI models and frameworks can be fraught with data leakage risks. Daxa offers advanced visibility and governance solutions to ensure peace of mind”

Siva Somayajula

Chief Technology Officer, Alivecor

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